Best Bakeries in Connecticut!

Sugar Bakery, East Haven,

Opened over quite a while back by a mother-girl group, Sugar Bakery is effectively one of the top bread shops in Connecticut. Come by their principal area or find one of their two food trucks to partake in a portion of their sweet treats. At Sugar Bakery, you’ll find 30 kinds of cupcakes including cannoli, Hostess, coconut dream, chocolate salted caramel, the German, s’mores, thus substantially more! Notwithstanding cupcakes, you can arrange cake and treats from Sugar Bakery for your unique occasion. Fun truth: Sugar won an episode of Food Network’s renowned “Cupcake Wars.”

Flanders Donut, Bagel and Bake Shop, East Lyme,

Flanders Donut, Bagel and Bake Shop is a nearby most loved that opens early enough for your regular drive (in general it opens at 4 a.m.). At Flanders Bakery, you’ll find an immense choice of newly heated treats like doughnuts, bagels, and Danishes. The must-attempt treats are scrap doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, however a nearby second is an egg bagel with cream cheddar equally spread on the two parts of the bagel. You’ll likewise be more than happy that costs are sensible and administration is quick.

NoRa Bakery, West Hartford, Middletown

This cool, entirely Instagrammable pastry kitchen has three areas in Connecticut as well as a food truck to separate your sweet tooth’s hankering. Day to day cupcake choices for each store can be tracked down on their site, however you can hope to find contributions, for example, pumpkin fix, java chip, hot chocolate, vanilla bean, Samoa, and salted chocolate caramel. They likewise serve vegetarian and gluten free cupcakes. Notwithstanding cupcakes, they sell specialty treats that they have appropriately named “gangsta treats.” These treats are frequently filled and afterward covered with chocolate and finished off with significantly more treats. They truly are something uniquely amazing!

Scratch Baking, Milford,

Somewhat getting away from the super-sweet, Scratch Baking is a local bread shop that spotlights on utilizing natural and privately developed fixings when accessible. At Scratch Baking, you’ll track down a determination of breads, scones, croissants, pies, biscuits, and brownies. Assuming there is a thing on their menu that you truly need to attempt, make certain to check the day of the week it is accessible available, as claims to fame, for example, cakes and breads pivot.

Neil’s Donuts, Wallingford,

Around 40 kinds of doughnuts are sold at Neil’s Donuts every day and large numbers of them are cut and filled manually. Donut choice incorporates works of art, for example, Boston cream, Bavarian cream, frosted, jam, and crullers. Notwithstanding delightful doughnuts, Neil’s sells Danishes, specially made breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, espresso cakes, pies and treats. This most likely is an extraordinary spot to stop for a tremendous choice of breakfast desserts.

The Cake Lady, New London,

One more heavenly stop for hand tailored cupcakes can be tracked down along the coastline in southeastern Connecticut. A stop at the Cake Lady will see you attempting one of their tasty cupcakes that pivot contingent upon the day. Cupcake flavors incorporate carrot cinnamon, red velvet, Funfetti, chocolate Oreo, mint chip, mocha chocolate chip, and some more. Cakes and cupcakes can likewise be requested and extraordinarily made for your large occasion.

Giuliano’s Donut and Bake Shop, Niantic,

Situated in the curious Niantic, Giuliano’s is handily spotted with its sculpture of a well disposed looking dough puncher right external the front entryway. In the wake of seeing the sculpture, you’ll unquestionably smell the heavenly treats being newly heated every day at Giuliano’s. Make certain to stop in for stuffed bread, biscuits, cakes, and specially made egg sandwiches. Come by right on time to have the best determination as they in all actuality do will generally sell out of numerous choices early!

Mozzicato de Pasquale, Hartford,

This Italian pastry kitchen delivers fine Italian treats, cakes, breads, and baked goods. Allow your creative mind to take you to Italy with a fast coffee from their bar to go with a cannoli or tiramisu, or partake in a relaxed scoop gelato in one of their attractive corners. On the off chance that you are in to a greater degree a rush, you could in fact arrange treat platters on the web or get something from their retail facade to bring back home with you.

Lorca, Stamford,

This delightful bistro and bread shop gets its motivation from Spain, so unquestionably you’ll appreciate going with your taste buds at Lorca. Appreciate newly made churros with warm plunging sauces, orange olive oil cake, baked goods, and alfajores, which are spread treats loaded up with dulce de leche. On the off chance that you discover yourself feeling undeniably hungrier than just a heated decent, remain for their morning meal sandwiches, avocado toast, or partake in a sandwich and soup for lunch. Lorca truly has a staggering menu.

Dee’s One Smart Cookie, Glastonbury,

Dee’s One Smart Cookie bread kitchen is eminent in Connecticut since it makes its sweet treats without GMOs, gluten, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy items. Subsequently, Dee’s is the most ideal choice for the individuals who love desserts yet have a dietary limitation or sensitivity. At Dee’s, your sweet tooth will be satisfied with a few cupcake flavors, bagels, biscuits, espresso cake, bread, whoopie pies, and many, a lot more choices. I’m certain you’ll be intrigued by the colossal number of choices accessible.
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