Frank & Eileen Jeans Review

Frank & Eileen Jeans Review: The Return Policy at Frank and Eileen

Frank & Eileen Jeans Review is a California-based women’s clothing label named for the namesakes of its founder’s Irish grandparents. The brand specializes in ethically sourced, sustainable classic pieces.

Founded in 2009 by former engineer Audrey McLaughlin, Frank and Eileen is certify woman-own, women-led. They have maintained 100% ownership of their business while working with the same ethical, long-term manufacturers for over a decade.

Original Payment Amount

The Frank & Eileen Discount Code Jeans team believes so strongly in customer service that they offer a free prepaid return shipping label for online orders. This makes it easy to send back any item that you don’t love, and you can do so within 15 days of the date your order was shipp. If you’re not satisfy with a purchase, you’ll be refunded your original payment amount in full. If you received a free item as part of a promotion, your refund will be even more substantial.

High-Tech Fabrics

As the name suggests, Frank and Eileen is all about a great design with top-notch materials. Their signature twill shirts are made from high-tech fabrics that look and feel fantastic, as well as being environmentally friendly. In fact, they’re a proud member of the Sustainable Fashion Association, and they have also pledged $10 million to empower and nurture future female leaders in the fashion industry. With a wide selection of women’s shirts to choose from, you’re sure to find the right one for you. Make sure you shop our latest collections to find the perfect shirt for any occasion. You can even use your credit card for an extra discount! The best part is that you can try them on before you buy.

Receipts are an essential document for businesses, especially when you purchase items online. They provide evidence that you have paid for your items and will help you if you need to make a return or exchange later. They are also helpful for tax purposes as a proof of your expenses.

Discounts or Sales Tax

In the retail industry, receipts are typically print from a store or your order confirmation email. They include details of the products that you purchased, any discounts or sales tax you paid, and other important information about the transaction. These receipts are also sometimes used to advertise special deals or coupons.

Frank & Eileen is a California-based brand that specializes in sustainable and ethically-made classic clothing pieces. Founded by Audrey McLoghlin, the label aims to preserve the history of menswear and textiles through a modern take on Italian fabric woven in sunny California.

Finest Italian Fabrics

The company uses the finest Italian fabrics and weaves these into stylish, yet comfortable ready-to-wear pieces. The brand seeks inspiration from Italy’s fashion archives for its prints, combining classic designs with a contemporary aesthetic to create timeless appeal.

This Italian Performance Denim jean from Frank & Eileen Jeans Review is fully traceable from seed to finish, and the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It offers stretchy four-way comfort and a flattering, relaxed fit. It’s made in Italy and is ethically source, sustainable, and OEKO-TEX(r) certified.

Pair of Casual Denim Jeans or a Shirt

Whether you’re looking for a pair of casual denim jeans or a shirt to wear to the office, this jean is the perfect option. Its stretchy Italian Performance Denim is pre-shrunk and pre-distressed for a super-soft, comfortable feel that you’ll love all day long.

Raw-Edge Hem

You’ll get a relax fit and a cool raw-edge hem in these jeans from Frank and Eileen. It’s also made with the utmost care and is fully traceable from seed to finish.

You’ll need to keep a copy of your receipts for at least 30 days after purchasing them so that you can use them as proof of your purchases when you need to make a return or exchange. You can also save them for tax purposes as long as they’re kept in a safe place and not lost or destroye.

Stonewashed Italian Denim

The Frank & Eileen Jeans Review Button-Up Shirt in Stonewashed Italian Denim is a laid back take on the boyfriend shirt. It has a relaxed slightly oversized fit that flatters every body. It’s the perfect shirt to throw on with jeans, dress up or down and it looks great tucked in or over a tank top. It’s a shirt you will want to wear for years. Made in California with the finest Italian fabrics, Frank & Eileen button-downs come in a variety of cuts, colors and fabrics that are at home in every closet.

Tailored Closet Basics

Founded in 2009 by Audrey McLoghlin, Frank & Eileen is a woman-owned, family-friendly brand that supports female entrepreneurship as a force for good. They work with the same ethical, sustainable manufacturers for over a decade to produce a range of tailored closet basics.

Final Thoughts:

Frank and Eileen is a California based brand that translates the history of menswear and textiles into a selection of modern classics. Their award winning Sligo jean is the real deal, featuring stretchy performance denim and also a high rise contour waistband. They’ve also got you cover in the design department with a collection of ready-to-wear dresses and also blouses to match. With a focus on sourcing the best materials and also keeping all parts of the manufacturing process in house, Frank and Eileen delivers on the promise of the slow fashion movement with style.

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