Get a Taste of Asia: An Easy and Authentic Recipe for Gua Bao

Generally, street food is common everywhere; you will find everything if you like spicy or savory food. Gua Bao is one of the most amazing dishes you have ever tasted. It consists of full flavors found in typical Asian cuisines. Let’s get started with the dish and learn everything about it.

What makes the Gua Bao famous around the world?

Before getting into the main topic, many of you might need to be more familiar with the dish’s name. You might want to know what is gua bao. The dish’s origin takes you to the culture and tradition of Asian cuisines, where you will find different types of baos. In general, the dish originates from the Chinese province of Fujian.

When closely observed, you will find it like the bread buns; however, the shape and texture are unique. The bread you find is often referred to as baozi. Similarly, it belongs to the category of steamed bread that usually comes in the shape of a taco. You will mostly find it in a small size than the other styles of buns which makes it more special.

You can’t miss it when trying fast or street food. Moreover, it is only complete if served with the all-time famous Dingolay Hot Sauce.Don’t consider these hot sauces like the typical ones, but once you taste them, you will only resist having them again. The mouthwatering and juicy flavors of the sauce are always tempting to consume with your Taiwanese steamed buns.

The simplest way to make gua bao recipe healthy

The Gua Bao recipe is very simple and only requires a few ingredients. Cooking is an art, but those who tried out the recipe shared in this blog can easily prepare it at home. It is divided into two segments: one includes the dough preparation for the buns, and the other includes the filling of the buns.

Starting with the dough recipe, you require water, yeast, salt, sugar, milk, butter, and flour. Then mix all these ingredients one by one to form the perfect dough. Afterwards, shape the dough into buns shapes and place these into your steam oven. The steam will raise their size and make these fluffy.

For the filling, the gua bao ingredients include pork belly, ginger and garlic, oil, vinegar, soya sauce, salt and pepper. Cook the pork belly chunks with these ingredients. In addition to this, once the pork is cooked, add fresh coriander leaves or spring onions.

Now place the fillings in the buns. For garnishing, you can sprinkle sesame seeds or roasted cashew nuts to enhance the dish’s taste. Most importantly, adding dingolay hot sauce is a key ingredient to the recipe. Let’s see how it works.

The authenticity of Gua Bao bun with special hot sauce

To enjoy the maximum flavors of the food, you shall serve it along with hot sauces. But before starting this, you shall first understand how these sauces came into existence. A long time ago, Azetaics were the people who had the expertise of preparing these with a variety of peppers. They combined whichever pepper they had with a water and vinegar mixture. This reaction formed a new mixture that resulted in a hot sauce.

They keep on trading different peppers to add a variety of distinctive flavors to the sauces. People started purchasing these, and in the meantime, they became famous worldwide. Mexicans who love hot and spicy food prefer to have it along the sauces.

Along the trade of peppers, the most famous and flavorsome were the Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. People generally grew and harvested these in the Caribbean region. It tastes mild hot, and sweet. Similarly, the Dingolay hot sauce brand produces two fruit-flavored hot sauces: mango and pineapple tropical dingolay gourmet hot sauce. The third flavor is the original dingolay gourmet hot sauce.

All these flavors add an immense taste to the dish. You will love to enjoy the mouthwatering and awesome flavors. For this recipe, you can use the hot sauce for a dip or cook the fresh pork belly in the hot sauce.

The number of calories consumed from this dish

You will find the recipe of Gua Bao healthy regarding health benefits and calories. It consists of a complete set of a variety of nutrients in every single bite you take. Also, it depends upon you how healthy or balanced flavors you add to the recipe.

The use of pork belly is a great way of introducing healthy nutrients to the recipe. Moreover, gua bao caloriesincluded in one serving is 743. Hence, a complete form of diet.


The Gua Baois an authentic dish in almost every part of the world. Use the most famous hot sauces to bring the true flavors to the dish. It will maximize the true taste of your dish.

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