GigE Vision Cameras-High Resolution That Speaks


GigE Vision cameras help a lot! GigE camera impresses you when you look at the advertisements for consumer cameras. GigE Vision cameras high resolution is combined with high quality here. With industrial USB GigE cameras, you should approach the topic differently and look for the optimal resolution for the respective task.

Ultimately, of course, only an experienced on-site system engineer can determine this, but with the following two rules of thumb, you can already find the right direction:

  • Object detection: If an object’s (non-) presence has to be determined, this object should be represented by at least 3 x 3 pixels.
  • Object measurement: If the same object is to be measured, it must be represented by at least 10 x 10 pixels.
  • Vision Components: currently offers sensors with resolutions of up to 13 MP, and more are now being integrated. This gives users diverse sensors with global and rolling shutters and global reset shutters. And if a lower resolution is sufficient, you can save costs by making the right choice, which gives you a significant advantage in applications with many sensors. 

With the GigE Vision cameras, suppliers for embedded vision systems can now configure small, inexpensive and self-sufficient image processing systems with a wide variety of single-board computers.

Drivers for Linux operating systems and Raspberry Pi

GigE Vision cameras offer stable drivers for Linux operating systems – for the standard Raspberry Pi models and the industrial version, the Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM). The Compute Module ensures long-term availability. Numerous interfaces can also be implemented via the associated I/O board with two headers, each with 60 pins, or via a tailor-made adapter board with a slot for the CM. For this purpose, Vision Components is currently developing a carrier board tailored to the requirements of image processing applications. The Compute Module also differs from the standard Raspberry Pi in that it offers not just one but two MIPI camera interfaces. It is, therefore, also suitable for stereo-image processing or multi-camera applications.

Regarding software development for image processing, there is a lot of inventory to draw from. It’s worth looking at the Linux community to use existing code or libraries, modify them, and save time.

GigE cameras have experienced customers using the Raspberry Pi and the Compute Module. The Raspberry Pi is ideal for prototypes and test setups to get the first, quick results. The MIPI interface and all other relevant interfaces are integrated directly into the circuit board.

The precision calibration of the GigE Vision cameras enables high measurement accuracy

The GigE Vision camera high definition is calibrated using highly developed, unique algorithms. The multi-characteristic calibration algorithm developed for the camera is used to compensate for fluctuations in the ambient temperature and thus enables reliable and repeatable measurements even with changing ambient temperatures. The extraordinarily high measurement accuracy can be achieved over a wide temperature range.

Detection of the smallest defects thanks to the high resolution of GigE cameras

The resolution describes the ability to resolve the smallest temperature differences and present them as measured values. The GigE Vision cameras achieve high thermal resolutions and can reliably display the smallest temperature differences. Combined with high-performance optics, critical errors can be detected early and displayed with excellent image quality.

An extensive range of precision interchangeable optics enables an extensive range of applications

The extensive range of optics for GigE Vision cameras spans the range of possible measurement objects from micro thermography to telephoto applications for measurement objects at great distances. The optics of the GigE cameras were designed as rigid full lenses with an aperture of 1.0, the highest transmission and transmission quality and the lowest distortion.

Automatic functions of the GigE Vision cameras

The numerous automatic functions, such as autofocus, automatic image optimization, area-by-area automatic hotspot display, mechanical calibration area switching, etc., enable fast and practical work.

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