The Ultimate Guide to Virgin Atlantic Web Check-In and Boarding Pass

Are you planning to travel with Virgin Atlantic web check-in and boarding pass process? Look no further, as we have created the ultimate guide to help you navigate through the process with ease.

What is Web Check-In?

Web check-in is an online service provided by airlines that allows passengers to check-in for their flights from the comfort of their homes or offices. Virgin Atlantic offers this service to all its passengers, including those traveling with hand baggage only, and those with checked baggage.

Benefits of Web Check-In

Web check-in offers many benefits to passengers, including:

  • Convenience: You can check-in for your flight from anywhere with an internet connection, saving you time and effort.
  • Time-saving: You can skip long queues at the airport check-in counters, as you would have already completed the check-in process online.
  • Seat selection: You can choose your preferred seats and make changes if necessary.
  • Early check-in: You can check-in up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure time, giving you ample time to prepare for your trip.

How to Web Check-In with Virgin Atlantic

To web check-in with Virgin Atlantic, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Virgin Atlantic website.
  2. Click on the “Check-in” tab.
  3. Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number and your last name.
  4. Choose your preferred seat and any additional options such as extra baggage or special meals.
  5. Confirm your personal details and flight information.
  6. Print or download your boarding pass.

What is a Boarding Pass?

A boarding pass is a document that confirms a passenger’s seat on a flight and allows them to board the aircraft. It usually contains the passenger’s name, flight number, seat number, and departure and arrival times.

How to Get Your Boarding Pass with Virgin Atlantic

After completing the web check-in process, you can either print your boarding pass or download it to your mobile device. If you choose to print your boarding pass, ensure that you do so before arriving at the airport.

If you prefer to use your mobile device, you can download the boarding pass to the Virgin Atlantic mobile app. You can also save the boarding pass as a PDF on your mobile device and show it to the airport staff.

Important Things to Note

  • If you have checked baggage, you will need to drop it off at the bag drop counter before proceeding to security.
  • Ensure that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight’s departure time.
  • If you are traveling to the United States, you will need to complete additional security checks at the airport.
  • If you have any issues with web check-in or downloading your boarding pass, you can contact Virgin Atlantic’s customer service for assistance.


In conclusion, web check-in and boarding pass process with Virgin Atlantic is a convenient and time-saving option for all travelers. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily complete the check-in process and obtain your boarding pass, giving you peace of mind before your flight.

Don’t forget to arrive at the airport early and drop off your baggage at the bag drop counter before proceeding to security. Enjoy your flight with Virgin Atlantic!

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