Alibaug Camping Guide


Alibaug, located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, is a popular weekend getaway destination for many city dwellers. With its picturesque beaches, historic forts, and charming villages, Alibaug offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. One of the most popular activities to do in Alibaug is camping. In this article, we will cover all the information you need to know about Alibaug camping.

Types of camping :

There are two types of camping available in Alibaug- Beach camping and Farm camping.

Beach camping:

 As the name suggests, beach camping involves setting up tents on the beach. There are several beaches in Alibaug that offer beach camping facilities, including Alibaug Beach, Kashid Beach, and Nagaon Beach. Beach camping is a great way to experience the beautiful sunrise and sunset and listen to the soothing sound of the waves.

Farm camping: 

Farm camping involves staying on a farm and experiencing the rural life of Alibaug. You can enjoy the fresh air, scenic surroundings, and authentic local cuisine while camping on a farm. There are several farms in Alibaug that offer camping facilities, including the Nisarga Agro Eco Tourism Centre, SaffronStays Mango Huts, and the Farm Stay at Satirje.

Best time to go

The best time to go Alibaug is during the winter months between November and February. The weather during these months is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 17-30 degrees Celsius. The monsoon season, between June and September, can be challenging for camping due to heavy rainfall and strong winds. However, if you enjoy the rain, camping during the monsoon season can be a unique experience.

Things to carry

If you are planning to go camping in Alibaug, it is essential to carry the following items:

Tent: You can either bring your tent or rent one from the camping site.

Sleeping bags and blankets: Carry warm and comfortable sleeping bags and blankets for a good night’s sleep.

Mosquito repellent:

 Mosquitoes are common in Alibaug, especially during the monsoon season, so carry a mosquito repellent to avoid bites.


 A torch is essential for navigating your way around the camping site in the dark.

Power bank: 

Ensure that you carry a power bank to charge your phone and other electronic devices.

Warm clothing:

 Even though Alibaug is a coastal town, the nights can get chilly, so carry warm clothing to keep yourself comfortable.

Personal hygiene products:

 Carry essential personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and toilet paper.

Snacks and water: 

Carry sufficient snacks and water to keep yourself hydrated and satiated.

Activities to do

Camping in Alibaug offers several activities to keep you engaged and entertained, such as:

Beach activities: You can enjoy a range of beach activities such as swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball, and building sandcastles.

Trekking: There are several trekking routes in and around Alibaug, including the Karnala Fort trek and the Sagargad trek.

Water sports: You can indulge in a range of water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides at the beaches in Alibaug.

Sightseeing: Alibaug is home to several historic forts and temples, such as the Alibaug Fort, Kolaba Fort, and Kanakeshwar Temple, which are worth a visit.

Bonfire and Barbecue: Most camping sites in Alibaug offer bonfire and barbecue facilities, which are perfect for a cosy evening under the stars.

How to book a camping site in Alibaug:

There are several camping sites in Alibaug, and you can book them online or through travel agents. Some of the popular camping sites in Alibaug are:

Nisarga Agro Eco Tourism Centre: This camping site offers farm camping facilities and is located in the picturesque village of Nandgaon.

Beach Camping Alibaug: This camping site offers beach camping facilities at Alibaug beach and Nagaon beach.

SaffronStays Mango Huts: This camping site offers farm camping facilities and is located in the village of Kashid.

Tips for camping:

Choose a camping site that is safe and secure and offers all the necessary facilities such as clean toilets and running water.

Respect the environment and avoid littering the camping site or the beach.

Follow the camping site rules and regulations, and avoid making too much noise after dark.

Carry a first-aid kit with essential medicines and bandages.

Keep your valuables safe and secure at all times.


Alibaug Camping is a great way to unwind and escape from the chaos of city life. Whether you choose to go beach camping or farm camping, there are several camping sites in Alibaug that offer a range of facilities and activities. However, it is essential to plan your camping trip in advance, carry all the necessary items, and follow the camping site rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. So, pack your bags, grab your tent, and head out to Alibaug for an unforgettable camping experience!

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