Vaginal Dryness after child birth

What to do if I have Vaginal Dryness after Childbirth?


Motherhood is a wonderful time, but you face many changes that no one tells you about. Being a mom is a wonderful stage that changes life in many ways. One of them is physical. The body changes during and after pregnancy. The six weeks after childbirth, regardless of whether it was natural or by caesarean section, are the adjustment weeks for the female body to return to normality. This period is known as the puerperium.

During the puerperium there are adjustments, especially in the hormonal balance, as well as the recovery of tissues, including vaginal tissues. Cramps due to rearrangement of the womb, as well as vaginal discharge with the appearance of “watery blood” are normal during this period. However, vaginal dryness may also occur during this period.

Vaginal dryness is a problem that occurs regardless of age, although it occurs mostly during menopause. The decrease in estrogen levels is the main cause. You should consider that this is sometimes caused by bad intimate hygiene habits, such as using products that alter the natural pH of the genital area. Some of the main factors of low estrogen are:

  • Lactation
  • Birth
  • smoking
  • Menopause
  • douches
  • Use of allergy and cold medications

Having vaginal dryness can be uncomfortable, particularly for an active sexual life. If after childbirth, you notice vaginal dryness, you may be afraid that sexual intercourse could be painful. However, vaginal dryness can decrease with the help of simple lubricants, this thinking for sexual intercourse. It is not recommended that you use vaginal creams to correct vaginal dryness. In reality, there are other types of alternatives so that your sexual life is not altered.

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There are water-based lubricants that help provide safe and discreet lubrication by being similar to natural lubrication. One of them is KY®, which has several advantages such as:

  • Does not alter the natural pH of the vagina
  • It has no fragrance
  • not greasy
  • Not stain
  • is easily removed
  • It is compatible with condoms

The intention of using lubricants is to be able to recover a sexual life without vaginal dryness being a problem. Using vaginal moisturizers verified by medical experts helps the genital area not present so much discomfort due to dryness. In addition, by using a product that is similar in consistency to vaginal discharge, you can avoid pain during sexual intercourse and thus resume a life as a couple after childbirth.

Six weeks after giving birth, sexual intercourse can be restarted if there is no pain. A lubricant like KY® can be your ally when it comes to recovering life as a couple six weeks after giving birth1. Remember that it is a product reviewed and endorsed by doctors, since its composition does not affect vaginal tissues. Thanks to KY® you can resume your sexual activity without fear.

Remember that being a mother does not mean that you put aside your sex life or your life as a couple. The arrival of a little one in the family is a reason for happiness, but also for both physical and psychological adjustments. Be patient.

You should consider that this situation of postpartum vaginal dryness is temporary and that after the so-called “quarantine” of childbirth, your estrogen levels can return to normal. If this is not the case, if you begin to have recurrent vaginal infections or if you experience pain at the time of sexual intercourse, see your doctor.

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