Best Wedding Cake Bakers in Sacramento, CA

Ettore’s Bakery and Cafe

Ettore’s Bakery and Cafe is a bread kitchen and wedding cake originator presenting custom cakes to imminent wedded couples in and around Sacramento. Concocting cakes in flavors including champagne, lemon chiffon, and red velvet, Ettore’s Bakery and Cafe can cover every one of the works of art with enrichments and ornamentations that will dazzle all of the wedding visitors. This bread kitchen demands that custom wedding cakes be requested four to about two months ahead of the wedding date. To-go tasting boxes are accessible upon demand.

Freeport Bakery

Freeport Bakery is a full-line scratch bread kitchen and wedding cakery offering uniquely crafted cakes for prospective wedded couples in the more noteworthy Sacramento metropolitan region. Bragging a record praises and grants from their 30 years in business, Freeport Bakery gives a committed wedding expert. The expert will take notes on your vision for your cake and work with the cooks to guarantee your fantasy cake is rejuvenated. Tastings and meetings are accessible by arrangement. Flavors incorporate brilliant buttermilk, lemon poppy seed, and rich fudge, with fillings including coconut custard, lemon buttercream, and hazelnut mousse, among numerous others.

Go West Baking and Events

Go West Baking and Events is a committed wedding cake store presenting various cakes with genuinely one of a kind flavor profiles for couples in the more noteworthy Sacramento metropolitan region. With cake base flavors including apple juice, raspberry mojito, and orange ginger pistachio, Go West Baking and Events makes specialty cakes remembering your preferences and inclinations consistently. You can peruse the exhibition on their site to get a feeling of their style and abilities. Requests can be made through the contact structure on their site.

Pastry specialist and A Black Cat

Bread cook and A Black Cat is a wedding cake organization possessed and worked by Nikki Ozawa, who flaunts lofty degrees in patisserie and baking from Le Cordon Bleu. Tastings and discussions with Nikki are accessible by arrangement just and can be booked through the contact structure on the bread kitchen’s site. Nikki and her group are similarly gifted in making the decorations and work of art on the outside of wedding cakes and the heavenly, sodden inside of the cakes. With this pastry shop, you can be certain that the end result will be however delightful as it seems to be lovely.

Above and Beyond Cakes

Above and Beyond Cakes is a store wedding cake bread shop presenting delightful uniquely crafted cakes for wedding festivities in and around Sacramento. They brag an assortment of fondant, buttercream, themed, and semi-stripped cakes accessible for examination on the exhibition on their site. The Above and Beyond Cakes group likewise gives a blend and match menu of flavors, including churro, pistachio, pink champagne, and chocolate mint, with fillings including cheesecake mousse, pumpkin zest cream cheddar, and coconut walnut. This bread kitchen is open by arrangement just, and interviews can be booked through the contact structure on their site.

Something Sweet Bakery

Something Sweet Bakery is a wedding cake store situated in Sacramento giving top-rack cakes to couples in the neighborhood. In business beginning around 2011, Something Sweet Bakery offers cake base flavors, for example, lemon zing, marble, and pink champagne. They likewise have a scope of filling flavors, including key lime, coconut creme, and dutch apple, and their icing flavors incorporate triple fudge icing, American buttercream, and ganache. Free tastings and interviews can be booked with a custom cake planner by arrangement. Their conveyance charge incorporates the full arrangement of the cake and treat bar at the wedding after-party.

Karen’s Bakery

Karen’s Bakery is an exemplary bakehouse presenting standard prepared merchandise as well as uniquely crafted wedding cakes for imminent wedded couples in the more prominent Sacramento metropolitan region. They offer a wide assortment of flavors for couples to look over, including dulce de leche, toasted coconut, and raspberry and white chocolate. Nonetheless, remember that Karen’s Bakery demands a liberal lead time on custom cake orders. Simultaneously, they can oblige various customized solicitations to guarantee your cake is as you have consistently imagined it. Requests can be made through the contact structure on their site.

Sweet Bakery

Sweet Bakery is a wedding cake store run by Mussarat, who holds a degree in Pastry Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. Musarrat and the bread shop group offer a wide assortment of wedding cake flavors, including pistachio, confetti, and coconut. Their fillings incorporate espresso buttercream, mango mousse, and milk chocolate ganache. Sweet Bakery offers an adaptable estimating model considering party size and plan determinations. They demand that custom orders be set over about fourteen days ahead of time, particularly for unpredictable plans for huge gatherings.

Range Cakes

Range Cakes is a custom wedding cake supplier baking up gorgeous custom cakes for prospective wedded couples in the more prominent Sacramento metropolitan region. Claimed and worked by dough puncher and baked good gourmet expert Kellie Vasquez, Palette Cakes brags grants from some the country’s most prestigious wedding distributions. Custom cake flavors on offer incorporate fleur de sel caramel on chocolate, cappuccino hazelnut on chocolate, vanilla apricot on almond, and white chocolate blackberry on pear. They have a cautious requesting process for your cake that considers your requirements – they start with your underlying solicitation, move to a tasting and interview, then, at that point, an agreement and sketch of the cake, lastly, the conveyance and arrangement.

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