Something doesn’t add up about early lunch and Charleston that simply goes together. Rolls, new fish, and amazing Bloody Marys are my informal breakfast trifecta and something the Holy City truly does SO well. Regardless of what sort of bruncher you are, I’ve gathered together six of the best early lunches in Charleston.


I love early lunch, and could add much something other than five suggestions for a flavorful morning feast, however on the off chance that I needed to give only one proposal, it would need to be Obstinate Daughter. Situated on Sullivan’s Island, this Charleston staple has been presenting Southern food with French, Italian, and Spanish impacts starting around 2014. Local people consistently make the trip for an early lunch that is certainly worth the effort.

You can exploit Obstinate Daughter’s early lunch contributions on Saturday or Sunday (two informal breakfast end of the week, anybody?), from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Italian style is clear in the early lunch menu – their Gnocchi alla Romana is presented with brie and a ranch egg. For the sweet-tooth in the group, the Bananas Foster waffle is an unquestionable necessity. The café has an unmistakably beachy feel to it, brimming with ocean blue and nonpartisan tones, without radiating any kind of touristy kitsch. Furthermore, since you’ve previously made the drive to Sullivan’s Island, move the ocean side energies along by going for a walk along the ocean side after you eat.


Félix was continuously going to make this rundown, since Harper loves it to such an extent! Situated on upper King and worked by proprietor Felix Landrum, Félix is a mixed drink bar serving little plates with Southern food. Everything from the style to the menus is roused by Paris, with French craftsmanship deco banners on the wall and present day contacts like pops of cobalt blue and clean tram tiles.

On Sunday, you can track down a scope of delectable informal breakfast choices, including a Parisian omelet and raclette burger. My undisputed top choice is the aggravation perdu, which is French toast with banana, toasted walnuts, and caramel sauce. All that Félix serves is delectable I actually think about this spot an unlikely treasure. Furthermore it will in general be somewhat less uproarious and more laidback than other Charleston early lunch staples. Partake in your feast with one of their early lunch champagne mixed drinks or a hand crafted Bloody Mary.


The Gospel Brunch at Halls Chophouse is an outright encounter, and ought to be among the primary things you book when you plan your excursion to Charleston. Traditionally equipped in dull woods and padded seats, you realize that Halls is significant about its food and its administration. Yet, on Sundays, things get somewhat looser, yet with all the execution and greatness you would anticipate from Halls.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., a nearby Gospel ensemble will invite you into the café and sing profound Southern melodies while you eat, joined by a piano and tambourine. These exhibitions raise the experience of Sunday informal breakfast to something genuinely significant and worth a visit.

Like their look, Halls’ informal breakfast menu adheres to a great extent to the works of art, flaunting their steakhouse chops with a bacon-wrapped filet mignon and a few burger choices. There’s additionally a lot of conventional breakfast dishes to browse. For an alternate take, attempt the crabcake eggs benedict with broiled pepper-Creole Hollandaise sauce or the Southern yam flapjacks, which come finished off with cut bananas, sweetened walnuts, earthy colored sugar, maple spread, fried eggs, and applewood-smoked bacon.


For the fish sweethearts out there, you definitely know how great The Darling Oyster Bar is. The café presents the best of Charleston fish for all dinners, however their informal breakfast is a festival of probably the best things Charleston brings to the table. All aspects of this spot simply shouts CUTE, and it has astonishing food to go with it. Seafoam green corners contrast uncovered block facades and retro floor tiles for a traditionally beguiling seaside impact.

On Sundays, The Darling presents an informal breakfast menu from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The shocker at the focal point of most discussions about The Darling’s early lunch is The Captain Bloody Mary, which comes finished off with a lobster paw, crab leg, shrimp, hushpuppy, celery, olives, and a lime wedge. It’s essentially a feast in itself!

However long you’re not full from the Bloody Mary, you can look over any of the inconceivable dishes to balance your early lunch. There are fish top choices like clam shooters and crab cake benedict and Southern staples like broiled chicken rolls slathered with housemade honey hot sauce and shrimp and corn meal made with neighborhood Geechie Boy cornmeal, firm Brussels fledglings, and nation ham.


One Broad Street is a café situated in a notable Antebellum structure at the intersection of Broad and East Bay Streets. The structure is demonstrated in an Italian Renaissance style and within the eatery mirrors the most awesome aspects of it with resplendent embellishment and open curved spaces, supplemented by present day wood and metal completions. One Broad is open for breakfast, lunch, and supper, however their informal breakfast is totally beyond words, integrating newly heated breads from Normandy Farms Bakery.

Two of my number one dishes from One Broad are both served on scrumptious sourdough toast. The delicate scramble has delicate fried eggs with new herbed finished off with burrata, all on a piece of sourdough. It was SO cracking tasty. Insider tip – the barkeep let us know it’s perfect with avocado on it! One Broad’s avocado toast is likewise great, served on a provincial sourdough called miche and finished off with new greens, spices and cured onions.

Alongside your early lunch dish of decision, you totally need to attempt One Broad’s Bloody Mary. They use Charleston Bloody Mary Mix, which is heavenly, neighborhood, and somewhat hot.


Mex 1 Coastal Cantina has forever been one of my number one Mexican cafés in Charleston, and they’ve as of late sent off an early lunch menu! Discuss the smartest possible scenario… Every Sunday beginning April eighteenth, get the best Mexi-Cali early lunch in Charleston from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a menu pressed loaded with signature plates and extraordinary informal breakfast mixed drinks. With three areas across Charleston, Mex 1 is enlivened by (and named after) trips down the Mexico 1, the Mexican Federal Highway that runs from Tijuana to Cabo san Lucas.

Among the new early lunch contributions are an assortment of breakfast tacos, signature huevos like the huevos rancheros with a fresh tortilla over dark beans and ranchero sauce finished off with 2 broiled eggs, cut avocado, pico de gallo, and green onions, in addition to other informal breakfast top picks like avocado toast and churro doughnuts. Obviously, we can’t neglect to feature the informal breakfast mixed drinks. Notwithstanding Mex 1’s Original Coconut Hydrator, with Titos Vodka, coconut water, and enthusiasm organic product served in a real coconut, there are lots of choices, including the Hot Blonde, a Bloody Mary curve with veggie implanted tequila, Natural Blonde Bloody Mary blend embellished with a hot salted veggie stick. I love the lighter taste of the Natural Blonde Bloody Mary blend. It’s so invigorating.

At the point when we visited to evaluate Mex 1’s new early lunch menu, I had the Huevos Diablos, with barbecued shrimp on top of a fresh tortilla with smooth queso, finished off with 2 broiled eggs, corn and dark bean salsa, diablo sauce, cotija cheddar, and green onion. I got it without dark beans since I don’t adore beans and it was unimaginable! Mex 1 has some good times for the children as well! Harper had the Shark Attack drink, which joins Sprite with non-alcoholic Blue Curaçao syrup presented with grenadine inside a little toy shark. Void the shark into the dazzling blue for a blast of red. So fun!


From pillowy buttermilk rolls and sauce to sweet and flavorful chicken and waffles, Charleston is home to probably the most mouth-watering breakfast dishes in America. All foodies, make certain to add Charleston’s 5 famous informal breakfast dishes to your culinary list of must-dos and prepare to appreciate the kinds of the Lowcountry!

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