7 Things You Should Know Before Having Modular Home Extensions


Do you need extra space? If you have a growing family, or your main house is just too little, it’s time to have a home extension. Nowadays, you can opt for traditional home extensions or modular ones. With rubbish removal Birmingham, you can expect prompt and reliable service at a competitive price.

Modular home extensions are also called prefabricated. They’re entirely made in a factory. So when they arrive at your property, the builders will have to assemble them for you.

The materials, colour, and finishing touches are all pre-made, so it’s like you ordered a table in IKEA, but you don’t have to assemble it yourself. Well, you can if you want to, but that’s not recommended.

If you haven’t decided yet, here’s a list of things you should know about modular home extensions!

1. Affordable

Are you looking for a home extension on a budget? You might be interested in modular home extensions. As mentioned, since almost 90% of the extension done in a factory, you won’t have to pay for additional labour. Instead, the machines will have to do most of the work.

In addition, materials are also bought in bulk, so everything’s cheaper than the traditional home extensions.

However, although the modular extension needs to be assembled, you still need to hire a plumber, electrician, and other experts. As you may know, the home extension should still be connected to the main systems, but you can also ask the home extension builders if they offer these services.

2. Faster installation

Once you hire the home extension builders and finalise the design, you need to wait for their off-site construction which can take about two to three months. Since the actual construction is done in the factory, there will be no weather delays, and they can give you the exact schedule since they already know their processing time.

After the off-site construction, they’ll deliver the finished product to your property and assemble it. It can only take a few weeks before everything’s done. So if you’re planning to achieve the home extension in a fixed schedule, you may want to try enquiring about modular home extensions.


3. Produce less waste

Traditional home extensions tend to be messy because the construction is done on your property. On the other hand, the modular home extension produces less waste because the builders can still reuse the scrap after building the home extension.

But aside from the waste, the traditional home extension leaves dust that can travel inside the property. So if your main house is near the construction area, you might have to clean it more often to avoid collecting dust.

Furthermore, the parts and foundation of a modular home are tighter, which means you can save electricity because the temperature inside can be easily controlled.

4. Modern style

Since modular homes are using advanced technology, the style usually plays around the modern side. But aside from that, there are also other options to choose from. It depends on what your builders are offering.

But if you prefer a specific description like cosy yet modern, you can ask in advance or look at their website to see if they have your ideal home extensions.

When choosing the style of your home extensions, you should also consider the main house. If it’s too traditional, you might also want to have a traditional style of home extension. However, there’s no problem with having two contrasting styles in one property.


5. Lasts long

As mentioned, modular home extensions are made in factories. So since everything is measured carefully, there’s little to no possibility of mistakes. Unless their machines are damaged, and the materials they use are cheap, you can be reassured that the home extension lasts long.

So if you want to speed up your money wisely, ensure to hire the most trusted modular home extension builders in your area.

6. Minimal construction noise

Since there will be a shorter construction time and most parts are already finished, there will be less noise. In addition, your neighbours will be happy since they don’t have to endure the everyday noise for months.

When you opt for the modular home extension, the noise will last for a couple of weeks, and it’s not even the same noise produced when building traditional houses. Instead, this is more subtle.


7. Options to customise

Not all things produced in factories can’t be customised. When buying a modular home extension, you can still have the freedom to ask for what you want. However, not all builders offer customisable extensions.

So while looking for builders, you should also check if they offer versatile home extension designs. If not, keep looking, and you’ll find the right builders for your home extension.

Are you excited to see some home extension samples? You can ask the builder to give you a tour of their previous work. If you’re all set, don’t forget to share your tips on finding home extension builders, and your reasons for choosing modular home extensions. Just hit the comment button below, and you’re good to go!

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