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9 Tips to Write Scholarship Essays like a Pro

School life is one of the most fun-filled phases of a student’s life. Unfortunately, like every good thing, this too gets passed on in a blink. Before you realize it, you will find that college life has appeared on the horizon. College seems like a fascinating thing to most students because of the freedom they get. However, getting into their preferred college scholarship essays isn’t easy.

Not only do most reputed colleges have high cut-off criteria, but students also need to submit scholarship essays to get eligible for scholarship benefits. So, many students look for assignment help services to help them write high-quality scholarship essays. But writing a stunning scholarship essay isn’t as daunting as students think. 

You just need to follow these nine steps to write a professional-grade scholarship essay. Read along –

1. Start early

I still have a month to my deadline; I can write my assignment for me later!” – This is a common thought process in most students. In my experience, I have seen many students who tried to do their scholarship essays in the last minutes, eventually failing royally. 

So, getting an early start while writing an essay is always wise. This is your work, and no one will come to help you out. So, there is no point in waiting for the final days to start working on it. If you can start early, you get more time to think about how to write the essay. Moreover, machines can never be trusted. The laptop or the printer may start malfunctioning, and there are several other roadblocks that you may face. 

So, give yourself enough buffer time to start working on the scholarship essay. 

2. Read the instructions carefully

You may take all the time and put 100% effort into writing the best scholarship essay, but that is not enough. You also have to write it by following the institution’s rules. The colleges treat correct formatting as an extremely crucial parameter while giving scholarships. 

So, we suggest students re-read all the instructions. Repeat the process thrice until you are clear about the rules. If required, you can also print out the instructions and highlight anything that seems important to you. 

However, it may happen that your college hasn’t specified any instructions. In such cases, it is always better to play safe by following this structure –

  • Make everything double spaced
  • Use 12pt font
  • Write in Time New Roman font
  • Draw one-inch margins all around the paper
  • Write for a maximum of 2-3 pages

Feel free to check some online samples before attempting to write one yourself if needed.

3. Write for your audience

Always consider your audience while writing scholarship essays. After all, they will be the people who will decide if you will be eligible for the scholarship or not! Students generally write about something they are passionate about in their scholarship essays. While there is no harm in being genuine about your passion, you want to ensure that it reflects your achievements. Ultimately, the professors want to check your skills, so writing about your achievements will interest them in the essay. 

If you are unsure about what ticks the professors, research the college. Understanding what the college wants in its students can help you to tweak your words and make them suitable for your audience. 

4. Contact someone from the scholarship committee

Contacting someone from the scholarship committee is a great way to understand what the college wants from the scholarship applicants. However, this is not a foolproof way. You would be lucky to find someone to help you with inside knowledge since most colleges don’t allow students to speak with anyone from the scholarship committee.

In such cases, try writing “Can anyone write my assignment for me uk?” on online communities. You will be lucky to find an ex-student or ex-professor who may give you insights on what you need to include in your scholarship essay. 

5. Brainstorm ideas

Ideas don’t magically come to students. In fact, you will find yourself grasping at straws when you really need an idea. So, try reading scholarship essay samples. If that quite pans out, start brainstorming. 

Speak with your family members, friends, and seniors, whom you trust about the essay. Share and discuss ideas on how to come up with the best possible concept for the scholarship essay. Do not discard any ideas while brainstorming. You can write down any questions that come to your mind – like details about the scholarship, what you like, how your passion relates to the scholarship, etc. 

6. Pick a topic you know 

Scholarship essays not only test the applicant’s knowledge but also try to understand the person writing the essay. The readers want to feel the passion you have for the topic you are writing on. So, if you are writing about something you genuinely love, the passion reeks from the essay. 

However, you may be forced to write about something you are unaware of. If you face such situations, research well, and go through examples of scholarship essays to feel inspired. 

But be careful about not going overboard with the essays. Often students treat their scholarship essays like sales pitches. The essays should not look forced, as if you are trying hard to convince the readers. The essay should feel natural and effortless. 

7. Make an outline

Creating an outline is necessary before you start writing it. Outlining an essay helps the writers to write them faster. It acts as a guide, so students don’t need to waste time wondering what to write after completing a paragraph. Here is an example of how an essay outline should look like –

8. Tell a story

No, you are not required to write a storybook in your scholarship essay. However, it should not be too bland. Don’t make it look like a resume. The scholarship committee reads tons of essays every day. So, if the essay doesn’t stand out on its merit, your essay will go unnoticed. 

This is why you cannot just throw the facts in the essay. Give a proper backstory, and explain how a skill opened a window of opportunity in your life. Just like a storybook, your character development should be clear. Your aim would be to let the readers know all about you gradually, like the chapters in a story.

Here we illustrate some dos and don’ts that you must remember while writing scholarship essays –

9. Double-check the essay

The essay is not quite done after you are done writing. You need to proofread the essay before submitting it. Students always make some errors in a hurry, which otherwise go unnoticed. Take the help of online tools, and proofread the paper thoroughly, so that you are able to submit a 100% flawless essay paper.

Summing Up:

This is one of the most important literary works you will ever do. This paper decides if you can get an all-expenses paid opportunity to pursue your dream course from your dream college. So follow all these nine tips thoroughly, and write a stunning scholarship essay.

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