Latest Express Entry Draw & IRCC’s New Portal


Canada’s Express Entry System has been the cornerstone of the country’s immigration policy since its introduction in 2015. This system is designed to help the government prioritize applications for permanent residence status and match skilled workers to businesses seeking to hire them. The latest draw saw a record-breaking sixteen periodic draws that took place over the course of two weeks in June of 2021. Moreover, the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also released a brand-new portal to ensure that the immigration process remains efficient and secure while offering a more streamlined experience.

Overview of the Latest Express Entry Draw and IRCC’s New Portal

The new ircc portal system was launched in June 2021 and was followed by the sixteenth draw. This draw released a large number of invitations – a record breaking 6,500 – for individuals interested in applying for permanent residence with Canada. This draw was significant because it also marked the start of the IRCC’s new portal. The portal was designed to help streamline the immigration process for applicants, allowing them to easily submit their applications online and keep track of any updates. The portal also offers a secure system for accepting payments, which is beneficial to those who are applying from abroad. Additionally, the portal features rigorous security features that protect the personal identifying information of applicants while also preventing malicious actors from gaining access to any of this information.

Types of Canadian Immigration

There are a variety of types of Canadian immigration available to applicants. These include the following categories:

1. Federal Skilled Workers: These are individuals who seek to pursue permanent residence in Canada based on established criteria such as language proficiency, education and work experience.

2. Federal Skilled Trades: These individuals possess the required skills and work experience to be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada under the trades program.

3. Provincial Nominee: This program allows provinces to nominate candidates for permanent residence in Canada based on specific criteria that the province sets for itself.

4. Business Immigration: Business owners or investors can apply for permanent residency through this program.

5. Family Class Sponsorship: This program allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor a family member for permanent residence.

Solutions for Various Types of Canadian Immigration

For those interested in applying for any of the above categories of Canadian immigration, the Express Entry system provides a streamlined approach for navigating the immigration process. This system utilizes an online platform for submitting and tracking applications, making it easy for applicants to stay informed about their status. Additionally, the IRCC’s new portal offers a secure and efficient way to accept payments and ensure that the personal information of applicants is fully protected.

Benefits of the Latest Express Entry Draw and the IRCC’s New Portal

The greatest benefit of the latest Express Entry draw and the IRCC’s new portal is that it makes the immigration process simpler, faster, and more secure. This is particularly useful for those applying from abroad. Furthermore, the 6,500 invitations offered during the draw increased the chances of those already in the pool to receive an invitation for permanent residence. Lastly, the new portal offers a safe and secure platform for making payments and submitting applications, helping to protect personal information from potential identity theft or fraud.


1. How do I apply for permanent residency under the Express Entry system?

Answer: You Must Create an Express Entry Profile through the IRCC’s website, and candidates are selected based on a Comprehensive Ranking System.

2. What other documents do I need to apply for Canadian immigration?

Answer: In addition to your Express Entry profile, you must also provide documents such as a valid passport, a completed medical exam, police clearances, a language test report and proof of funds.

3. How can I be sure that the IRCC’s new portal is secure?

Answer: The portal has both physical and digital security measures in place that are monitored and verified by third parties.

4. How long does it take to receive a response to an Express Entry application?

Answer: It typically takes 30-60 days for a response to be received.

5. How often do Express Entry draws take place?

Answer: Draws take place on a periodic basis, with the latest draw taking place over two weeks in June 2021.


The latest Express Entry draw and the IRCC’s new portal offer a variety of benefits for individuals applying for permanent residence in Canada. These include an increased chance of receiving an invitation for permanent residence and a more streamlined, secure and efficient way to submit and track applications. In addition, the new portal offers a secure method for accepting payments, helping to protect an applicant’s personal information. This is particularly helpful to those applying from abroad. With the launch of the new portal and the sixteenth Express Entry draw, Canada’s immigration system has become more efficient, secure and accessible than ever before.

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