Best Pizza In Athens Ga

We as a whole realize that nobody does pizza like a school town, yet Athens does it particularly well. Get a few companions and come get a cut (or entire pie assuming that is your thing) at these top of the line neighborhood top picks.

Here is a Top 5 rundown for the best pizza places around:


Situated in a changed over tire carport with seemingly one of the most mind-blowing open air feasting decks in Athens, Ted’s Most Best is a genuine Athens diamond. With a broad menu including interesting pizza garnishes from yam to new pears, Ted’s puts a stylish twist on the customary pie. Next stop you come by make certain to attempt the sweet p.


Their trademark “Pizza, Wings, Friends” says everything. Strategically placed in Downtown Athens, Amici is the ideal spot to get something to eat with companions prior to raising a ruckus around town. Match the Muay Thai with a neighborhood Creature Comforts brew and being the beginning of a decent night is certain!


In the event that you need credible New York style pizza without the problem of a semi-formal eatery, then Little Italy is calling out to you. Open until 2 a.m. Monday-Thursday and until 3 a.m. on the ends of the week, Little Italy is the ideal home base for evening people. Viewed as an Athens exemplary, you can’t turn out badly with the simple help and dainty hull cuts.


Transmet is an Athens go-to for an incredible cut. They have practical experience in pizza, and for good explanation. Transmet is a number one with local people and vacationers the same. After you’ve wrapped up partaking in your delightful feast, go for a walk to visit every one of the one of a kind shops Downtown Athens brings to the table!

Programmed PIZZA

In spite of the fact that they just commended their most memorable birthday, Automatic Pizza has previously become famous in Athens. Bain Mattox, proprietor of The World Famous and Normal Bar, opened Automatic in January 2015. It is certainly the best value for your money around. Cuts start at just $2 with fixings costing $0.40 each. There’s very little room inside the genuine eatery, but rather for what Automatic needs space they make up for in idiosyncrasy. Assuming you decide to eat in they give you a toy plastic creature so the servers can match you to your request.

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