Britain End of Tenancy Cleaning Oxford

The team was very polite, carefully listened to every instruction, and adequately fulfilled the instructions. The cleaners and customer care representatives on the Britain Cleaning Service team are all very skilled.I quickly made a reservation for the end of tenancy cleaning Oxford through the website. It wasn’t difficult. Utilizing the website is quite simple. 

I also called the helpline and changed a few things about my booking schedule. The agents listened carefully and were cooperative. They worked with us to create a plan that best suited our requirements. 

The Cleaners of End of tenancy cleaning Oxford

Britain Cleaning Service offers a background check on the cleaners. The staff was prompt, kind, and helpful, and the property was kept immaculate.

The cleaners have permission and a COI. 

Bundles at the end of tenancy cleaning

Britain Cleaning Services provide money-back guarantees. Britain Cleaning Services offers cost-effective end of tenancy cleaning programs. I was able to choose my package taking into account my needs and budget.

My experience with end of tenancy cleaning oxford

I have a house of four bedrooms with a kitchen, two bathrooms, toilets, and a TV lounge. After I made the appointment, the staff arrived on time. The squad was made up of two cleaners.


They were able to clean every shelf in the kitchen. The team swept the tabletops, counters, and cabinets inside and outside. Appliances in the kitchen were also meticulously cleaned.

The oven’s components were painstakingly disassembled, cleaned individually, and then meticulously reinstalled.


They cleaned the stains on the walls properly. End of tenancy cleaning did a great job with the wall spot cleaning that I requested as part of my tenancy cleaning reservation. They did it carefully without ruining the wallpapers and paint.


The cleaners used floor lotion and antibacterials to clean the floor. The toilets smelt very good after the cleanup. They cleaned the toilet seats very well and also the mirror. They sanitized toilets. I was delighted. They took care of hygiene. They cleaned door handles and sanitized them. Cleaners wiped down the mirror with glass cleaners.


Dust was embedded in my sofa, rugs, curtains, and mattresses, but when the cleaners removed the dust, the vibrant and wonderful fabric colors showed through. After the deep cleaning, the bed was utterly cleansed and free of filth, grime, and pet hair. Stains were also easily removed with it. The results shocked me.

They used top-notch cleaning tools and supplies with no harm to anything. My carpet is fresh and new. The team used powerful detergents to scrub the shower and the toilet. The windows had excellent lighting. They eliminated all visible stains and markings. The floor was scrubbed clean. Additionally, they cleaned the building’s exterior windows and polished the interior glass.


There was a lot of trash in my room, including tearing tags off clothing and tissues. The team threw away trash around the room first, then emptied the wastebasket. Cleaners wiped down all surfaces. The team used dusting spray, glass cleaner, and antibacterial wipes for the surface. They Wiped down the tops of tables and legs of chairs, fronts of dressers, and nightstands. 

Dust Curtains and Light Fixtures

End of tenancy team dusted curtains Lampshades, window treatments, and light fixtures with a duster. They made sure there was no dirt left on them. With a streak-free cleaning agent,the cleaners wiped down all windows t and glass-paneled doors. They’ve wiped down mirrors as well.

Vacuum and Sweep

Cleaners removed and vacuumed rugs before sweeping the entire floor. Then they swept the entire floor leaving it dirt free.

I have a pet cat whose hair sheds all the time and is spread everywhere, be it on carpets, sofas, or even in air. The cleaning team cleaned all the hair using their cleaning tools. I am satisfied with their work.

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