Taxi Booking App Features to Survive the Competition!


Apps for booking taxis are widely available right now. They all have the necessary functionality, such as sign-in, ride booking, GPS position, etc. You need features that set your app unique from the competition if you want to stand out in these fierce contests. It would help if you concentrated on the problems that clients have and features that no one else is providing or that are not done adequately by your rivals. We have outlined cutting-edge features you may use while creating an app similar to Uber to simplify things.

Figures for Taxi Booking Mobile App Development:

The global taxi business is expected to grow by 12.3% between 2020 and 2027, from an estimated $69.18 billion in 2019 to $120.89 billion in 2027. Due to safety and health concerns, people prefer to drive their cars, which will restrict the market’s growth by 2020.

According to industry predictions, the taxi market is expected to grow at a pace of 22.3 percent, from $23.42 billion in 2020 to $28.65 billion in 2021. By 2026, it is anticipated to reach USD 327.54 billion. Over the anticipated period, this represents a rise of 8.95 percent (2021 -2026).

Additionally, the need for mobile applications increases as smartphone use increases. Therefore, now is the ideal time for businesses to invest in taxi booking application to get the necessary return on investment for their company.

Modern Consoles, Panels, and Applications to Keep You Ahead of the Competition:

If you want to stay competitive, you must create several applications, consoles, and panels for consumers, drivers, and administrators. This will allow the relevant staff to control their features and make the most use of the taxi services.

Customer Application

  1. Hire a Car

This gives customers who want comfort at a price they can afford the option to rent a car for a certain period by choosing the kind of vehicle that best suits their requirements and the location.

  1. The Panic Button

One of the most excellent advantages of a taxi booking app is the assurance that your passengers will have a safe journey. Even better is providing them access to a panic button in case of crises.

  1. Fare Estimate:

This function gives users a clear understanding of the projected cost and arrival time for the next journey.

  1. Call Driver:

This app will allow users to contact a driver for any questions or needs related to the trip or the taxi service.

Driver Application

  1. Document Uploading

Drivers may use the programme to submit their documents for the verification procedure. Before the drivers may begin offering their services, the admin confirms and authorizes them.

  1. Earnings:

You may see the drivers’ daily, weekly, and monthly earnings reports. For clarity purposes, the drivers can also see the payment method.

  1. Real-Time Map:

Real-time maps have been included in the program to make the trip more convenient and determine the best path to go to the client waiting to be picked up.

  1. Details of the Invoice:

Drivers’ excursions will be the subject of invoices. Only the drivers have access to the payment information and costs associated with the trips.

Admin Dashboard

The real-time data, graphic insights, and trackers on this robust dashboard are everything necessary to make the taxi service hassle-free for drivers and clients.

  1. Scheduled Requests:

The admin receives scheduled requests with all the necessary information, such as payment methods and client information for the trip.

  1. Mark Zones:

The administrator designates “green zones” for airports and train stations to continue offering services there and “red zones” for a few other locations to stop doing so.

  1. Approved & Unapproved:

The admin will be able to approve or disapprove the papers that the drivers have submitted here after doing the appropriate verification.

Customer Panel

  1. Loyalty Rewards

Loyal consumers should get discounts and digital vouchers as rewards. Customers will benefit from this since they will get deals and free trips, which will directly encourage them to take more rides in the future.

  1. Car Type:

This feature enables users to choose the kind of vehicle they are interested in for a pleasant and inexpensive journey.

  1. Choose Driver:

This add-on function allows passengers to choose the most accommodating driver from their prior experiences and reserve a cab to get them to their destination pleasantly.

  1. History

Riders may examine the history of their previous rides, including all the locations they have visited and the payment information.

Taxi App Driver Panel

  1. Manage Driver:

With this tool, drivers may modify their security information, such as passwords, and upload their most recent profile images.

  1. Alter Vehicles:

By changing the car’s color, model, and number, drivers may manage the information about their vehicles.

  1. Bank Information:

The admin securely deposits the drivers’ earnings into the bank account. The drivers may use this option to add their bank account.

  1. Earnings Information:

Through a dashboard, the drivers can see data about their daily, weekly, and monthly profits, which helps them increase their rides per their own objectives.


The number of people utilizing your taxi might increase because to services like “book now, ride later.” Riders will choose you over other taxi booking applications because you can guarantee their journeys. On the other side, you will be aware of the confirmed reservations for a day, enabling you to make appropriate plans for the remainder of the day. When people are traveling in groups, additional features like the emergency button, mid-ride pauses, and split fares are helpful. Consider these qualities while designing your taxi booking software.

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