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But goalkeepers need to think about another piece of gear: gloves. Goalkeeper gloves aren’t just there to keep hands warm in the winter or add a touch of style to a player’s uniform. Their main purpose is to protect a goalkeeper’s best asset, which is their hands. We’ve put together a list of the best goalkeeper gloves on the market right now, based on what you want from your game. We have something for every skill level, whether you want the newest, most innovative glove or a cheap pair to get you through your Sunday games. Get the best deals at Shock Doctor Discount Code on football gloves for keepers.

Adidas Predator Edge Pro

Best Overall Goalkeeper Gloves

Bring your best game with the futuristic-looking Predator Pro, a skin-tight masterclass that will make sure you can stop shots from all directions in your six-yard area. There’s a reason why goalkeepers from Gianluigi Donnarumma to David De Gea like them.

Why you should buy:

  • There is no bulky wrist strap and the wrist and fingers are reinforced.
  • Features Footballers use Adidas Ultra Grip 2.0 latex, which gives them a good grip,
  • Elements of Zone Skin silicone for better control and more confident punches
  • It comes in more than 10 sizes, from 7+ to adult.

Nike Goalkeeper Match

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make sure you have a good pair of gloves to get you through your time between the posts. The Nike Goalkeeper Match delivers well beyond its price, giving you command and control in all areas at an affordable price.

Why you should buy:

  • Comes with soft padding to protect against shots
  • A smooth surface that gives you traction whether it’s wet or dry.
  • Comes in two different colors to fit your style
  • There are 6 sizes, so both older kids and adults can wear them.

Adidas Predator Fingersave Pro

Like the original Predator Pro, this expanded version gives you what you want: a better grip right where you need it, at your fingertips. This gives you a better hold on the ball. Even though its fingers are less rounded, not everyone will like them. However, the extra reinforcement and Fingersave spines make it a useful tool for making sure you don’t lose your grip on the ball.

Why you should buy:

  • Features a silicone Zone Skin backhand for maximum support when catching and throwing. 
  • The top-quality URG 1.0 palm gives the glove a strong but sensitive grip.
  • There are 6 sizes, so both older kids and adults can wear them.

Puma King RC

Want to give your gear a touch of retro style? This cool black-and-white set from Puma brings back the glory of black and white, and it does a great job even with its own unique style. It’s simple and it works, so you can count on it. Vintage Brand Coupon Code has a wide range of options on football clothing.

Why you should buy:

  • The gloves have mesh finger gussets and mesh thumb inserts to make them more breathable.
  • A latex-embossed backhand protects you when you need it most but still lets you move around.
  • The wrist strap goes all the way around, so it stays closed and gives support.
  • You can choose from 7 sizes to find the right fit.

Nike Phantom Shadow Goalie

Any goalkeeper will tell you that stopping a rocket-like shot from anywhere on the field can hurt, but these Phantom Shadow gloves from Nike take the bite out of any opponent’s bark.

Why you should buy:

  • Fabric is flexible, so your hands can move freely and comfortably.
  • Latex on the palm gives you a good grip whether it’s wet or dry.
  • All-new Nike reverse stitching gives a great feel on the ball and a secure fit to improve punching control.
  • There are 6 sizes so you can find the right fit.

Puma FUTURE: ONE Grip 1 NC

This is the glove you want if you want something new and different for goalkeepers. With their 3D elasticity and off-the-scale Elite+ Dual Grip, these Puma gloves are very flexible and give you the most power when you punch.

Why you should buy:

  • With an elastic backhand, you can move around as much as you want.
  • For full control over the ball, the gloves have a tight, negative fit.
  • With silicone tape details, the 4mm Elite+ Dual Grip latex gives you a lot of grips and the most punching power.
  • There are 9 sizes so you can find the right fit.

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