floor protection roll

Types of Floor Protection rolls, tips, and which one is best?

Floor Protection roll

The flooring of our home may be one of the most outstanding elements in home decoration and, in turn, is the one that must most resist friction, knocks and falls of objects or constant stepping.

We can use a lot of different things, but thanks to new ideas, one, in particular, stands out both for new construction and for reform or rehabilitation; we are talking about Floor Protection rolls. For many, the perfect coating!

Floor Protection rolls come in many different colors, designs, and styles that other types of floors don’t have. So, we made the following guide to help us understand its usefulness.

What is a Floor Protection roll?

It is a type of flooring made from several layers of materials derived from wood or synthetics that realistically imitate different types of finishes. For example, the finishes imitate wood (the most typical), a polished concrete finish, an oxide finish, ceramics… etc.

The Floor Protection roll floor has a great hardness and is classified mainly according to the use and resistance criteria according to the type of Floor Protection roll, both to impact and to wear (Later on, we will see the most important points that we must know).

The following picture shows how the Floor Protection roll is put together and the different layers that make it resistant to wear, discoloration and stains. Diagram of sheets that imitate wood with different finishes:

Simple structure scheme

We’d like to look at the pros and cons of a Floor Protection roll to see if it’s a good choice for our house. Leave your thoughts below.

Advantages of Floor Protection rolls

Characteristics that a Floor Protection roll can have:

  • We have a wide range of models and colors on the market and finishes.
  • One of the biggest advantages is that installing them is not necessary to remove the old pavement or floor.
  • They are cheap compared to, for example, a wooden park, allowing you to have a “wood effect” on the floor at a low cost.
  • They are, on average, more resistant than normal parquet and are suitable in places with pedestrian activity (Shops and businesses). They resist impacts, scratches, water, stains and chemical agents. There are models as durable as traditional parquet floors.
  • They do not change color in sunlight.
  • They are compatible with underfloor heating. In the case of radiant floors, you should see the article on radiant floors, where we explain all its particularities.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean. In addition, it is not necessary to stab it as it happens with the typical parquet, nor proceed to varnish it.
  • They bring comfort and warmth to the rooms.


  • The main weakness of this type of firm is the joints. Here it is important that the floor is level and that a good installation is carried out to avoid the separation of the joints.
  • As Floor Protection roll designs change with supply and demand, it can be difficult to get replacements over time.
  • On floors with a very thin layer at the finish, it does not allow sanding to be carried out – stabbing and varnishing, only very soft polishing. Especially the cheap ones!
  • The Floor Protection roll coating produces an electrostatic charge. The problem usually comes when low-quality materials that do not include antistatic treatment characteristics in the model are used.

Now it’s time to see the types of Floor Protection roll, its uses according to the space where we place it and its characteristics.

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