Bread shops in Orange County

Cream Pan Bakery

The Cream Pan Bakery in Tustin was named after its puffy cream container bun which has a rich custard filling, in any case, what they are most popular for is their Strawberry Croissant. This luscious joy was made by proprietor Yoshinori Inada through some pleasant kitchen tests and has proceeded to win various honors and has turned into an OC favorite.Besides the Strawberry Croissant they offer north of 30 other scrumptious cakes, in excess of 20 sorts of bread, and, surprisingly, to a greater extent a determination of treats and doughnuts. As well as their sweet choices, they likewise offer a full sandwich menu for those searching for an exquisite lunch.

Sunmerry Bakery/Happy Lemon

The Sunmerry Bakery in Irvine is an easygoing Taiwanese pastry kitchen that has been doing business for more than 30 years. They offer various breads, treats, and cakes. Hot and cold specially prepared drinks are additionally available to wash down your decision of heated merchandise

The Great Dane Baking Company

The Great Dane Baking Company originally opened in 1996 and didn’t take long to turn into a number one in Huntington Beach. Their specialty is conventional Danish baked goods, custom cakes and choice wedding cakes, treats, and, surprisingly, scrumptious breakfast things.

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts previously opened their entryways in Fullerton in 1985. Their specialty was and consistently will be desserts and their custom cakes. This vivid little pastry shop with its glass cupboards loaded with treats is perfect for taking care of weddings and other unique occasions, notwithstanding, their most well known creations are their lovely cupcakes and cake balls, the two of which highlight a sodden focus rich with flavor.

Manmi Bakery

Manmi Bakery, an unlikely treasure in Garden Grove, offers a choice of everything from craftsman breads to doughnuts, cream puffs, and treats. You stroll in and quickly see and smell their glass counters loaded with newly prepared merchandise. You need to look cautiously or you may not track down this great fortune.

Bread Gallery

Bread Gallery is a German pastry shop situated in San Clemente. They have a bread called Hausbrot, which is somewhat sharp in flavor and made explicitly for ham and cheddar sandwiches, delicate pretzels that sell quickly, and ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls. Bread Gallery likewise settles in all through nearby Orange County ranchers markets including the huge Saturday morning market near UCI.

C’est Si Bon Bakery

C’est Si Bon Bakery is a French-style bistro laid out in Newport Beach in 1979 which prepares and serves new bread, cakes, treats, breakfast baked goods, and sandwiches. So regardless of whether you’re searching for something to fulfill your sweet tooth or something somewhat more significant and feeding, this interesting little bistro takes care of you.

Andree’s Pâtisserie

Andree’s Patisserie is a sweet little spot in Laguna Beach that offers croissants, treats, cinnamon rolls, and various heavenly cakes that rat rapidly. So if you have any desire to taste a little prepared piece of paradise, you truly need to arrive before 9AM.

Blackmarket Bakery

The Blackmarket Bakery is a clique most loved which is found simply off of the east finish of the John Wayne runway. Rachel Klemek’s brainchild prepares cakes, brioche, Basque tarts, and exquisite vegetable pockets, and they even dive into making sandwiches, pasta, and focaccia. The cakes are made with a home-made flour that is made with Cabernet wine-production leavings.

Tomgirl Baking Company

The Tomgirl Baking Company is a Huntington Beach pastry kitchen and bistro combo that prepares and presents cakes and cupcakes, as well as different treats, and a bistro menu which elements full dishes and a tremendous determination soups, mixed greens, and sandwiches. Tomgirl Baking Company makes all that without any preparation including their honor winning brownies, cakes, and their cakes in general

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