How to Incorporate Vastu Elements in your House?

The five elements of water, fire, earth, wind, and sky constitute the basis of the Vastu Shastra doctrine as per astrology. To improve the environment’s energy flow and harmony among the five elements, knowing which direction each piece is associated with and the type of energy it emits is helpful.


Put some water up there in the upper north corner of your property.

Water, which accounts for more than 80 percent of the human body, appears regularly on such lists. More than half of the planet is covered with water. Water is a symbol of enlightenment and cleanliness in Vedic thought. Like water, awareness reflects everything brought to its attention, making it like a mirror. Vastu Shastra recommends a body of water to the north of your house. The quality of life is improved when water gathers in the north of the home, where the energy waves are concentrated. Vastu principles for the home also give considerable thought to the human body. One of the best ways to ensure your body gets enough of this Vastu mineral is to drink enough water.


Bring the splendor of nature within by growing flowers or foliage.

Remember to honor Mother Earth when you do Vastu rituals inside and outside your home. Among the five elements of a home considered by Vastu shastra, Earth is the second most important because of its effect on human existence and the careful balance it helps to keep with the other four elements. Everything that lives on Earth, from the tiniest bacteria to the giant trees and plants, is interconnected. It echoes reliability and stability, like a rock upon which the universe can be built. According to Vastu, the southwest corner of the house is the most beneficial for the earth element. Gardening and tree-planting here can help you bring some of the cosmos’ peace and harmony into your life. The plants in your home will help you relax and unwind. Ask astrologer to know more


Safe rooms should be located in the southeast quadrant of the house.

Fire, the cosmic giver, is a critical element of Vaastu home design principles. Fire, like the sun, may offer heat and light to a community, and it also has the potential to provide sustenance for its members. It aids the stove, the heating system, the safety, and more. Fire is both a necessary and challenging resource, as various combustible materials can extinguish it. Anger, rage, and other intense feelings are sometimes represented by fire as a metaphor for their intensity.

According to Vastu, fire should never be allowed to start in the home’s southeast corner. Stoves, fireplaces, and other large appliances are best placed in the southeast. With enough air circulation, a home can benefit from the sun’s heat energy (sometimes known as “fire”). Given that the sun represents hospitality and warmth, a house bathed in its rays has a greater sense of homecoming.


A wind chime in a window can be a pleasant way to bring the breeze into the house.

Guidelines for forming wholesome routines We’ll discuss Vaastu house design and how to apply its principles in this article. All windows and doors should be properly sized, installed, and oriented according to the instructions to enable adequate ventilation throughout the house. According to Vastu principles, the air is an essential factor. This is necessary for the continued existence of our modern society. Given that air can enter the room most easily from the northeast, that direction is considered the optimal entry point. Incorporating metal bells or wind chimes into the home is a great way to bring the element of air inside while also filling the space with soothing, uplifting sounds.


You should keep everything in the dead center of the house.

Vastu practitioners regard space as vital when planning the layout of a house since it may be altered indefinitely to suit the needs of the family living there. It represents the heavens and the cosmos alike. Every aspect of human existence is impacted by the vastness of space, making it essential to strike a balance between enclosed spaces and the outside world. Keeping the home’s energetic core unoccupied and well-ventilated is a recommendation of the Vastu guidelines. This area should be unobstructed because it is ideal for a home if it is open to the sky. The atmosphere, sunlight, and even water on Earth can all make their way into space if only a door is left ajar. There’s a good chance that this perfect arrangement will provide its inhabitant’s good fortune and joy.


Humans are not separate from other life forms on Earth but rather an essential cog in the complex machine that keeps everything alive. The entirety of creation cooperates to produce and maintain the energy necessary for life. More work invested into improving a building’s energy efficiency usually results in better performance.

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