Monday Project Management Vs Jira Project Management

Monday Project Management Vs Jira Project Management

PM tools improve a business’s ability to compete. Read the article to compare the best PM tools: Monday Project Management vs Jira Project Management.

Monday Project Management Vs Jira Project Management: Select Wisely!

The efficiency and expansion of an organization are greatly influenced by the way it handles its initiatives. You are undoubtedly aware of this if you are here. How do you manage your tasks effectively, then? Project management tools provide the solution. So, which project management software should you choose? This article provides a comparison of Monday project management vs Jira project management. Both are applications for project management. The goal is to aid users in selecting a single tool.

Monday Software 

Teams can efficiently manage challenging projects using the all-in-one work management platform Monday Project Management. It allows them to streamline their workflows. This cloud-based platform makes your work easier by developing practical tools and applications for task management. Additionally, the platform supports you in modifying operations using pre-made templates and creating your own from scratch.

Monday Com Key Features 

Customizable Templates 

You can create a PM process from scratch thanks to the editable templates of It allows you to select from a range of configurations for managing project portfolios, planning campaigns, organizing events, creating product roadmaps, and more. has a template to suit your needs regardless of the number of projects you are overseeing.


The dashboards on are incredibly customizable. They make it simple to examine all of the most crucial data at a glance. Moreover, there are 15 pre-built widgets available. The capacity planning widget enables managers to quickly allocate available resources. Besides, users also have the option to make their dashboard public or share them privately.


Link your tools and application with to speed up the project management procedures. It enables your team to complete more work in less time. You can also create process automation with the correct integrations to get rid of monotonous administrative activities. The software integrates with a wide range of technologies, including Slack, Zoom, Shopify, Google Calendar, etc. Demo 

The demo option of the software allows customers to get clarity of the application. It enables them to understand the features of the software and experience it first-hand. Therefore, they can better analyze whether the software will suit them or not. Price’s cost depends on the package selected by the users. It offers the following five pricing strategies:

    1. Individual 

You do not have to pay anything to avail of this package as it is free for all but offers up to 2 seats only. The software includes many features including:

    • 20+ columns
    • 200+ templates
    • A maximum of 3 boards
    1. Basic 

You only have to pay $8 a seat monthly. Moreover, the package contains several functionalities, such as:

    • Individual package features
    • Countless items/free users
    • Prioritized customer support
    1. Standard 

You have to pay $10 per seat monthly to avail of this package and it offers the following:

    • Basic package functionalities
    • Timeline & Gantt views
    • Guest access
    1. Pro 

Pay $16 to avail of this plan. The bundle offers many features including:

    • Standard package features
    • Automation
    • Integrations
    1. Enterprise 

Unfortunately, the software does not provide a pricing quotation for this bundle on its official website. Thus, you will have to contact the sales team or reach out to third-party vendors to get the cost of this package. It offers the following:

    • Pro package features
    • Tailored onboarding
    • Premium support Review reviews show that the software is very dependable one that caters to the unique needs of the organizations. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on GetApp and 4.5 on SoftwareAdvice.

Jira Software 

Many agile teams utilize Jira as their issue and project-tracking software. Every team member can use this tool to plan, monitor, and deliver. It allows you to assign tasks, schedule sprints, and generate stories. The software encourages total transparency This allows teams to prioritize and talk about their work in context. It has adaptable processes to fit a team’s current workflow as well.

Jira Key Features 

Reports & Insights 

Real-time analytics help you deliver value to customers more quickly. Jira provides agile reports, dashboards, and other tools to help teams make data-driven choices. Moreover, the application’s reports provide vital information for any agile approach. This includes scrum, Kanban, and everything in between. Besides, the program’s pre-built reports for issue analysis and forecasting help you predict trends.

Open DevOps 

No one supplier can provide all the requirements needed by the team to perform DevOps. Combining several tools can be a disaster. The application allows you to use Jira as the central source of truth for your DevOps activities. This allows you to unlock the extensibility of an open, varied toolchain while maintaining simplicity.


You can create an outline of a team’s strategic vision using a visual representation of the status of all ongoing initiatives. The application allows you to communicate your priorities to teams in your area and other stakeholders using the program. It also enables you to keep the roadmap updated with a team’s development.

Jira Demo 

There is no demo option available for the users on the company’s official website. However, it does offer a product guide to potential customers. This gives information about the software to potential buyers. It allays their worries and enables them to judge the worth of the software.

Jira Price 

Jira software price depends on the package selected by the users. It offers the following four pricing strategies:

    1. Free  

You do not have to pay a single penny for this package. It is free for up to 10 users and offers many features, including:

    • Scrum boards
    • Kanban boards
    • Agile Reporting
    1. Standard 

Avail of this package for only $7.75 a user monthly. It offers several functionalities including:

    • Project roles
    • Advanced permissions
    • Anonymous access
    1. Premium 

You can avail of this package for $15.25 per user a month. It provides a lot of features, such as:

    • Capacity planning
    • Project archiving
    • Admin insights
    1. Enterprise 

The cost of this bundle is not available on the company’s official website. You will have to contact their sales team for this purpose. You can also reach out to third-party vendors to get a personalized pricing quotation for the package. It offers the following:

    • Sandbox
    • Release tracks
    • IP allows listing

Jira Review  

The software has great reviews from users on several credible software review websites. It has a rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on FinancesOnline and 4.2 on G2.


There are no restrictions with either system, according to this thorough comparison of Monday project management vs Jira project management. These platforms are very reasonably priced. Pick one of these practical PM solutions to change your project cycle and gain an advantage over your competitors.

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