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OADD Framework: What to Consider Before Making the Right Investment Decision

Going with a venture choice isn’t quite so straightforward as it might appear, particularly since land tricks are pervasive in Pakistan, which can cost a gigantic deficiency of cash if you don’t watch out.

It is prompted that the financial backer ought to lead careful examination to pick the ideal choices for venture. Nonetheless, with the huge measure of data accessible on the web, it tends to be overpowering to choose where to begin.

To conquer these difficulties, you want to guarantee that the land project you are putting resources into has gone through the OADD models:





BBS Promoting Pakistan’s most brilliant property entrance, has arranged an aide on these elements that ought to be considered prior to settling on the right and secure venture choices.


It is pivotal to initially confirm who possesses the land being referred to. Now and again, the proprietor might not have the lawful right to sell it. This can make various issues not too far off, so taking care of business prior to settling on any choices is significant.

The initial step is to check with the neighborhood district or land vault office to check whether they have any record on the property.

On the off chance that the property isn’t enlisted, it could be challenging to follow the proprietor or get any additional data on it. You can get an itemized report on the responsibility for property by mentioning a fundamental property report through BBS

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One more significant element to consider is the endorsement status of the property, society, house or rental from an approved administrative body.

Putting resources into an unapproved land venture can be hazardous; it would be challenging to get your cash back in the event that it ends up being a false plan. Moreover, unapproved social orders may not offer similar degree of insurance and advantages as supported social orders. Thusly, it is vital to properly investigate things and ensure that the important specialists have endorsed the general public you are thinking about putting resources into prior to going with a last choice.

Essentially, you ought to likewise guarantee that the plan has gotten a No Protest Declaration (NOC) from the concerned specialists and, subsequently, disregards no standards or guidelines.

Recorded beneath are the 14 NOCs important for any lodging project:

  • Ownership documents
  • Approved layout plan or site plan of the project
  • Development project initial planning permit
  • Approved letter from Design Venting Committee (DVC)
  • Building plan approval letter from Building Control Directorate, CDA
  • Approved building plans vetted by the relevant authority
  • Third-party vetting certificates
  • Access road approval from CDA (where applicable)
  • Approved letter from National Highway Authority (NHA), in case of GT Road
  • Height clearance certificate from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Utility connection approvals
  • Approval letter for fire fighting system
  • Approval from Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA)
  • Building completion certificates

Putting resources into a lodging plan without a NOC can be a hazardous recommendation, as there is no assurance that the plan will be supported by the authority later on. This could prompt the plan being dropped or deferred, which would bring about the deficiency of your speculation.

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Prior to settling on a speculation choice, it is likewise encouraged to check assuming the engineer has conveyed projects previously. This will provide you with a thought of their history and whether they are probably going to finish the ongoing undertaking on time.

You can likewise check with the nearby government or lodging power to check whether there are any grumblings or claims against the proprietor. At long last, you can converse with individuals who have recently put resources into one of the proprietor’s activities and check whether they were happy with the outcomes.


One more key variable to consider while effective money management is the area. Is the property in an ideal spot that is popular? Provided that this is true, the possibilities of the property valuing in esteem are a lot higher and, consequently, you would have the option to exchange it at a greater cost.

You can explore the area, actually take a look at latest things on the lookout, and address land specialists to get their examination of the task.

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How to Invest Right? 

Propsure is the sole stage that has figured out how to make the greatest spatial data set for Pakistan’s land area. It offers property check administrations to guarantee that all venture projects are gone through the OADD standards.

With Contribute Right, Propsure intends to spread mindfulness about normal land acts of neglect, difficulties, and arrangements. With Propsure, you can get true and complete data in regards to all your land ventures.

It additionally offers specialized warning types of assistance and endorsement reports with respect to a venture project. Ultimately, it gives legitimate knowledge into the lodging project in regards to its conveyance and request.


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